Anna Armentano Psychologist

About Me

I’m a Child Psychologist graduated and trained at “La Sapienza” university of Rome – Italy.
I moved to the UK in 2004 when I initially came to complete my research project for my dissertation. Since graduating in 2005 I decided to return to the UK and I made this my second home.

My training is Psychodynamic which means I work with conscious and unconscious, dynamics in the room and how are these projected in the client’s environment, relationship, social life, etc. This is alongside other theories that I combine to formulate the best therapeutic intervention to meet your needs.

In 2006 I also retrained as an Art Psychotherapist at the Leeds Beckett University. I found art extremely helpful as a teenager, therefore, I believed it could help other people to express themselves in a different way. Making this a profession was certainly a bonus for me!

In 2010 I took the opportunity to work with adults in the NHS, jumping on the wagon and accepting a new challenge. During the same year I completed my Supervisor Training with the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).

I currently work for the IAPT team and expanding my private practice is the key for me as I’m passionate in making a real difference in people’s lives.
I trained also as an EMDR Therapist and Flash Technique. I’m in the process of accreditation.

Growing, learning and evolving are my motto in my professional development because I take every opportunity to learn new things.

My interests:
I love art in all its forms, making and creating things, walking, swimming, baking, travelling and socializing.

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